Tuesday, December 11

National Intelligence Estimate on Iranian nuclear weapons: intelligence failure?

Last week it was revealed that a national intelligence estimate compiled by the country's 16 intelligence agencies, released in July, found that Iran had ceased efforts to produce nuclear weapons in 2003. Of course, the rhetoric that had been coming from the Bush regime did not match this estimate. Warnings of an Iranian nuclear threat have streamed from the regime right up untilthis past week. In fact, the regime still insist that Iran poses a significant threat to US national security. These claims have fueled endless amounts of fear mongering on the part of the mass media and others such as the religious right about the perceived threat Iran posses to the US, Israel and even western civilization as a whole.
Without hestitation the conservative hardliners were out in full force to attempt to deny this revelation. Reportedly Dick Cheney attempted to block the release of the report, claiming that it cannot be valid. This is the same man who still insist stock piles of weapons of mass destruction are still present in Iraq.
In their twisted world, where reality is seemingly always blinded by ideology, conservatives have come to believe that the dilemna in this episode, just as in the justification to invade Iraq, is that the intelligence did not refelct the claims made by the Bush regime, therefore the intelligence was flawed, it was an "intelligence failure." How could Bush and friends be wrong after all? Of course, all rational people know that the dilemna is the fact that the regime knowingly made claims that ran contary to what intelligence actually revealed to be true, in order to further their militant agenda.
Once again, we have seen that the Bush regime is willing to decieve not only the citizens of the US, but the world in order to pursue its objectives. Nor has the regiem relented in its rhetoric and push against the "Iranian nuclear threat." Condoleeza Rice was in Europe this week in attempt to muster support for new sanctions against Iran, despite the revelation that Iran had actually stopped its nuclear weapons four years ago! This time around the world must take a stand and not allow these hard line ideolouges to decive the world in order to push their agenda.


Renegade Eye said...

I was under the impression the attack Iran for nuclear weapons was off the table for a long time. The position switched to attack Iran for helping Iraqi militants, and there would be a weapons trail to bomb.

Guerrilla22 said...

Actually, most of the rhetoric about Iran has been about their supposive nuclear weapons program. As I mentioned, Rice was in Europe a day after the revelation trying to gain support for new sanctions against Iran for its "nuclear weapons program," The other day, Bush reiterated that Iran remains a nuclear threat.

The Red Son said...

one more nail in the coffin of imperialism.

Leftwing Criminologist said...

either which way, i think this shows just how much whatever the US governemnt gives as an excuse for invading somewhere, it's just bullshit that conforms to their strategic aims.

LeftyHenry said...

"one more nail in the coffin of imperialism."

I wish. But it seems like the imperialists haven't even changed their stance

blackstone said...

Well, who do we view as authority on information like this?

Do i know what's going on in space? No. Who do you think everyone think does know? NASA. That's their job to know right?

Same goes with information on nucler weapons. CIA, the government,etc. That's their job to know, right?

So we have that authority.

Then the media acts as reinforcement authority figure.

two scenarios:

Guy1: I heard Jim Jim house got raided for selling bootlegg scarves.
guy2: who you heard that from?
guy1: the crackhead down there.

that's not too convincing, but if he said he heard it in the news or the newspaper. Now, he may be inclined to be convinced.

That's my view on it. People can't help but to believe Iran has nuclear weapons since that's who they view as authority said so.

John Brown said...

Greetings, comrades.

I think this 'leak' is Uncle Sam's way of telling Apartheid Israel that when they want war, they should start it.

I think the writing's on the wall. The ongoing meltdown has accelerated the urgency for war.

Capitalism can't survive when it doesn't expand, and right now it has stopped growing.

The Zionist press inside Apartheid Israel - the Jerusalem Post, Ha'aretz, Ynet - has gone apoplectic with apocalyptic, 'Stab-in-the-Back' rhetoric.

The sides are pretty clearly drawn at this point. When this imperialist war starts, Uncle Sam will be there.

When Apartheid Israel does something in Gaza or Lebanon (as they did in 2006) to trigger a regional war, who will refuse to support a Zionist blitzkrieg of Iran?

The objective behid the whole Zionist project: tip of the imperialist spear in the Middle East.

The NIE is nothing more and nothing less than saying, "The Nuke thing has no propaganda value anymore."

Sambo Rice went to Europe to admit the jig is up and, of course, to dance a new one.

That's her job, after all.

John Brown said...

Uncle Sam might also be saying that it's time for alCIAda to go to work. No matter what, the system needs war. One way or another, it will satisfy that need.

Anonymous said...

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Renegade Eye said...

JB: Do you think this represents a split in the US ruling class? The we can't control Latin America, if all the attention is in the Middle East wing?

Renegade Eye said...

See this.