Tuesday, April 6

New York State Budget Crisis

New York State is in the midst of a 9 billion dollar budget gap, and unlike the federal government which can simply sell its debt to china, all states must balance their budget. Naturally the politicians, who gave billions to the banks and corporate executives who arrived at the white house in private jets, decided to place the debt on the backs of the working people of New York. As if cutting student metrocards, which provide public school students necessary free public transportation to school, wasn't enough: now millions of working people will get kicked out of their homes. Because of a $45 million dollar deficeit, New York will revoke Section 8 rental vouchers. Section 8 is a low income rental assistance program that endless New Yorkers rely on to make it hand-to-mouth every month working tough jobs and making the city work. Unfortunately the corrupt capitalism government fails to realize that the people of new york city need the section 8 program since they are more concerned with an economic recovery that somehow leaves out the vast majority of people with unemployment hovering at 10%. The New York Housing Authority tells people in section 8 to move into public housing complexes, but fails to realize that public housing complexes are overcrowded with waiting lists for years.
A couple years ago I laid back on my ex's coach as she answered calls for her parents private house in the bronx that had an empty apartment and a "FOR RENT" sign out front. Every minute of the day someone called, and every caller was looking for a lanlord accepting section 8.
The fact that the same politicians who gave billions of tax dollars to bankers and executives, are now suggesting cuts on social programs indicates that capitalism as an economic system is a broken gamble.