Sunday, April 12

Boom, Bust, Broken... Time for Revolution not just change

I'm kinda a History buff. Last year I got the highest possible score on the Advanced Placement Global History test earning college credits and this year I plan on accomplishing the same in the Ap American History exam. American History, as conformed, distorted, and packed with outright lies, as it is in the American public school system, still reveals lots about the nature of the capitalist system when you are learned in revolutionary marxist thought.
My teacher is having complete review sheets for the entire American history experience and as I have lost my textbook, I am forced to google terms that have slipped my mind. googling the panic of 1819, America's first homegrown recession, I typed
"panic of" and then sat their enjoying the utter stupidity of our system. Every few years since 1819, at least once per decade, our economy does what it is doing now. It has panic where millions lose their homes, lives, jobs, personal fortunes, and are forced to start up from scratch after the fuckheads in charge figure out how to put a big enough band-aid on the shotgun wound that is capitalist economics.
I am convinced capitalism is broken. Only a crackhead could think otherwise as the boom and bust cycle that has existed since the days of scalped natives and whipped slaves all the way up til today, the age of ponzi scheme crooks and greedy bankers. It is not logical, it is inefficient, leads to hunger, leads to homelessness, unemployment, and the destruction of our enviroment.
It is time for nationalization, it is time for economic planning. Not economic planning for bankers and bosses, but within our own communities and for hard working people so we can keep our homes, jobs, and lives. Humans and lives are not chips and coins to be gambled with at a casino we are intelligent so why the fuck do we stick with this system?
The bailouts, which AIG has shown, do not work as an economic band-aid could be used to provide public works projects & jobs, fund a healthcare system, or build a universal university system so youth like me have a future. Perhaps the bailouts, as inefficient and draining of the American people as they are, will save the economy this time, as they have before. But I can promise you if they do, I'll be writing this same post soon after when we again are all crying about the next economic meltdown.

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Renegade Eye said...

Many of the lost jobs, are never returning.

Funny how some on the left, didn't see it coming. They don't also realize it is part of a cycle, and capitalism can heal itself, unless political leadership changes things. Even if it heals itself, it leaves residual damage, just like a cycle in the Earth's terrain from volcanoes.

Good to see you blogging.