Monday, April 13

The Crisis in Higher education

The education system in the US is in crisis. In New York there have been three campus occupations since the new year. Most recently, on April 10th, New School students occupied a building and were gassed and beaten by police in a brutal raid.

The occupations were indeed crushed however the courage the students had in coming together and standing up against injustices in American colleges has created a buzz. College education has become increasingly unaffordable, public schools are underfunded due to the two prolonged wars the US is fighting, and more and more students each year are looking to attend university and each year student take heavy loans just to be able to afford these expensive institutions. Others are sucked into the military just so they can afford their education.
The issue is that education is NOT a tool for recruitment, it is NOT a exclusive club where students do not know where their money is going and board members pocket large profits, education is NOT the stifled conformed atmosphere that its essential commidification has turned it into. Education is a right and should be not bought and sold.
conservatives have attacked professors who think freely in the mainstream media and published books encouraging the witchhunt of radical professors. The atmosphere of a prison has been created in place of what is supposed to be the most important time of one's life. Until education is completely free and universal, students will continue to organize and resist no matter how severe the police repression or adminstrative consequences


blackstone said...

From my understanding, the New School was reoccupied recently. I believe there was a protest in support of the occupation today in NY.

Renegade Eye said...

I haven't studied this subject yet. The occupations have been led by what are called pareconists.

blackstone said...

You serious Renegade ? I have to look into that. Most pareconists i know in NY area dont seem confrational