Saturday, February 27

2 Interesting Poems about City Life

My Struggle

Born In The Gutter, A baby who never muttered
I Only Yelled. Now I'm All Grown and all alone
But through my fighting and my writing I become a clone
immortalized in words and ideas of Freedom and Dreams that we demand
as the judge glares down at your cuffed hands on the stand or when the doctor says no to treatment when your hearts bleeding and wallets sleeping

So in wrath I took class, but never believed words of an ass
or the curse of the madman elephant whose war was hellbent
on destroying the community and youth to who my mind stayed true

Our Generation made of strong heroes
Born from the Ashes of Ground Zero
Our potential reveal in the first Black Presidential
Going Back to My Past, All I can ask
Is If Gods up there, He Love me and let me stay blessed
So cops give me no stress, my clothes fresh, and live life enjoying what's best; a college knowledge to solve global problems

Urban Legend

When I was locked up
A kid on chalk and no luck
Forwarned me not to write on the prison wall
And since the day I’ve avoided Jail all-in-all

It may be an Urban Legend forged in heaven by dread bredren
Or a jynx as old as the great sphinx but me thinks god protected me from a broken legacy.

Oppressors fail to realize the crime in their lives
They lock men up millions on average
Because in New York a man is no less than an animal savage

You come to me seeking wisdom and peace
Water, bread, success, and something to eat
Lady Liberty… on your lovely island
Don’t you see the youth of America is crying?
Our Life is haunted by the jailhouse frying and injection
This is the Section 8 legend…

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